Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Post Xmas Action

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and received suitable presents from Santa. But with that out of the way, it is back to the serious business of chess. The post Xmas period sees a couple of events starting, and a few already in progress.
Confining my list to the big ones, firstly there is the Groningen tournament which kicked off a few days ago. There is an Open event, and a couple of other subsidiary tournaments. Click on the above link for reports.
The traditional Hastings event starts on the 28th. Like Groningen it has an Open Swiss, and a number of other events.
Closer to home the Australian Championship starts on the 2nd January 2014. The championship proper has already attracted a very strong field, including a number of overseas players.
And because people keep asking me, there will be Street Chess this Saturday (28 December) at the usual time of 11am in City Walk, Canberra City,

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