Saturday, 14 December 2013

2013 Australasian Masters

The Australian/Australasian Masters has been held fairly regularly since 1987. Some years has seen it held as a local event, while other years has seen it run as an international event, with title norms on offer.
This years event has taken a step up, running two events, and offering GM norms in the top section. The 2013 Australasian Masters GM event has 4 GM's and 4 IM's in the 10 player field. Top seed is Latvian GM Normunds Miezis, with Russian GM Valery Papin second seed. Vietnamese GM Tu Hoang Thong returns, having won the event in 1995, while inaugural GM Daryl Johansen is the 4th GM in the tournament.
The IM tournament is headed by Russian IM Vladimir Smirnov, while Andrew Brown and Mirko Rujevic are the other two IM's in the field.
The first round of both tournaments was held today, and the event runs until the 22nd of December. Each round starts at 4pm and live coverage of all games, plus tournament results, can be found at the Box Hill Chess Club website.

Miezis,Normunds - Li,Luke [C01]
2013 Australasian Masters Melbourne, 14.12.2013

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