Sunday, 22 December 2013

2013 Australasian Master - Final results

The final round of the 2013 Australasian Masters threw up some surprising results, leaving a couple of players shocked and/or disappointed with the outcome. GM Normund Miezes had been leading the GM event from the start, and  with 3 rounds to go was on 5.5/6. However he managed only half a point after that, drawing with Anton Smirnov, before losing consecutive games to IM Bobby Cheng and IM Max Illingworth. This allowed Vasily Papin to close the gap, and the two players tied for 1st on 6/9.
Having beaten Meizes in round 8, Cheng then ended Anton Smirnov's chance of an IM norm by beating him in round 9. This allowed Cheng to overtake Smirnov, and tie with Illingworth as the best placed Australian players in 4th place.
The IM tournament was a little more straightforward, with Chris Wallis and Karl Zelesco tieing for first place with an impressive 7/9. The score was sufficient for Zelesco to score an IM norm, although apparently Wallis missed out, ironically due to his own high rating (ie While Zelescos ARO includes Wallis, Wallis can't  his own rating meaning his AOR is too low.) Of the other players in this event Bob Smith finished third with 6/7, while IM's Brown and Smirnov tied for 4th on 5.5

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