Thursday, 12 December 2013

New FIDE Arbiters Manual

The FIDE Arbiters Commission have just released their new Arbiters Manual. Essentially it is a collection of the major documents that any qualified arbiter needs to use in running/directing a tournament, interspersed with explanatory comments. While the majority of the documents are simply collected from the FIDE handbook, the commentary is original content supplied by members of the FIDE Arbiters Commission.
As it is the first release of this manual, it does have a few errors it, although these will be fixed in the 2014 edition. It is of course a valuable resource for any practising arbiter, especially as it reduces the need to go hunting through different sources for Rules, Norm Forms, Tie-Break methods etc
Even if you aren't an arbiter I still recommend having a look through it (especially the Laws of Chess section), as it will provide an insight in how arbiters will interpret some of the more contentious rules.
The document is in pdf format and can be download from here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shuan, This is very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Im a Club Arbiter...this manual will update me...thanks a lot for the info Shaun.