Friday 9 August 2013

Street Chess in other countries

Washington Square in New York City has been a famous outdoor chess venue for a number of years. I probably first heard of it via "Searching for Bobby Fischer" but its history goes back many years before that. But apparently it has lost its lustre, with players moving to another square, Union Square.
It appears economics is the main explanation for the shift, with a larger amount of passing traffic meaning more "customers" for the chess pro's (apparently the term "hustler" is frowned upon). The proximity to the Subway station is also cited as another reason.
There is also the issue of social factors (increased drug use) resulting in Washington Square being a less popular hang out for New Yorker's.
The Villager has quite a big write up on the issue, including a nice collection of pictures, which help give a feel for the New York "street chess" scene.

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