Monday 19 August 2013

Must resist the stupid ...

Originally I was going to avoid this story, but recent developments have suddenly made it more palatable.
It started with a claim by Stuart Wheeler, Treasurer of the UKIP party, that 'women are failing to progress in the boardroom because they are 'absolutely nowhere' when it comes to competitive sports such as chess.' A number of people have subsequently pointed out the flaws in this argument, both on the grounds of accuracy (regarding the number of successful female players), and that the conclusion is essentially nonsense.
It now seems that Mr Wheeler might have to put his boardroom seats on the table after being challenged by Rachel Reeves, a member of the UK Parliament, as well as being a former UK U/14 Girls Champion. The challenge went out yesterday, but I am not aware that it has been accepted as yet. I'm also not sure what the stakes for the match are, but I would suggest that seats on boards of Mr Wheeler's various companies would be a good start.

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