Wednesday 7 August 2013

A position you could easily resign

The diagrammed position occurred on a board near mine during this evenings play at the ANU Chess Club. At first glance it looks as though White is in trouble, as mate in is threatened. But it was Whites move, and he has a discovered check (Ne6+) that appears to win the queen. But this is what Black was counting on, as after Kh7 Nxd4, White still gets mated after Rf2+. White did in fact play Ne6+ but after Kh7 had a long think, before simply offering a draw to his opponent. Rather than quibble about the rights and wrongs of the draw offer (technically White should have moved first), Black accepted it with a grin. Of course White does not have to take the queen, and Nf8+ leads to a repetition.

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