Sunday 3 March 2013

In no time flat

During the 2012 Olympiad I managed to play a couple of games. GM Dejan Bojkov was the team captain for the PNG team and helped me do some preparation for both of the games. In one of the games we suspected my opponent would defend 1.e4 with the Ruy Lopez, and quite possibly try the Steinitz Variation. (As it turned out he played the Ruy, but varied with 3. ... a3. The game was eventually drawn). As part of the preparation Djean showed me the following game, which he said was known as the Dresden Trap (after the city it was first played in). It is a particularly clever trap, in that White should only win a pawn, but if Black tries to hang onto it, he will then lose a piece! I'm assuming the whole line was also a nice piece of opening preparation by Tarrasch, as according to Fred Reinfeld, Tarrasch only used 4 minutes for the entire game.

Tarrasch,Siegbert - Marco,Georg [C62]
DSB-07.Kongress Dresden, 1892

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