Wednesday 13 March 2013

2013 ANU Masters - Week 5

IM Andrew Brown has extended his lead in the 2013 ANU Masters to a full point after fifth round results fell his way. A miscalculation towards the end of his game against Kishore Sreetharan left him down a piece, but this actually contributed to his win as the unbalanced position quickly turned in his favour with both players in time trouble. FM Junta Ikeda escaped with a draw against Steven Sengstock after the later built up a very strong position. However running short of time Sengstock decided that a safe half point was good enough, allowing a perpetual check.
Adrian De Noskowski was also able to slow one of the leaders, taking half a point from Michael Wei. At one stage Wei was a pawn up, but De Noskowski was able to hold the position. Jeremy Reading scored his second consecutive win, after beating Justin Chow. Chow sacrificed an exchange out of the opening, but a miscalculation allowed Reading to consolidate his material advantage, winning soon after. Yijun Zhnag tried to hold a blocked position against Andrey Bliznyuk, but seized control of the only open file and then slowly manoeuvred his pieces to their best squares before engineering the decisive breakthrough.
At the halfway point Brown lead with 5/5, followed by Ikeda on 4/5 and Wei on 3.5. Bliznyuk is on 3 but has one game in hand.

Ikeda,Junta (2362) - Sengstock,Steven
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (5), 13.03.2013

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