Wednesday 20 March 2013

2013 ANU Masters - Week 6

An interesting set of results in the 6th round of the 2013 ANU Masters has left IM Andrew Brown in a commanding position. The key game of the round, and probably the tournament was the much anticipated Brown v Ikeda match up. Both players took a large amount of time in the opening, but after found a nice tactical shot on move 18, the game came to a rapid conclusion.
The loss by Ikeda gave both Andrey Bliznyuk and Michael Wei a chance to move into clear second place, but they were only able muster half a point between them. A miscalculation by Bliznyuk saw him drop a piece to Kishore Sreetharan, while Wei decided a draw was a good result against Jeremy Reading. Stephen Sengstock and Adrian de Noskowski also drew, while Justin Chow scored his first win of the tournament with a sharp victory over Yijun Zhang.
After 6 rounds Andrew Brown is on 6 points, with Ikeda, Bliznyuk and Wei all on 4. However Ikeda has an extra point up his sleeve having player, and won an later round game against Justin Chow.

Brown,Andrew (2295) - Ikeda,Junta (2362)
2013 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (6), 20.03.2013

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