Friday 22 March 2013

Almost a two man race

Anyone who tipped either Carlsen or Aronian to win the 2013 Candidates Tournament, may soon be collecting their winnings. After 6 of the 14 rounds, Magnus and Lev have taken a 1.5 point lead over the rest of the field. Aronian started the event with a draw and two wins, before Carlsen caught up in round 4. Both drew in round 5, and before winning again in the 6th round.
At this stage it seems that the key game will be their round 8 pairing, with Carlsen having the White pieces. Of course there is still a chance that one or other could come unstuck earlier, but for now they seem to be well ahead of the field.
The other player who was considered a favourite pre tournament was Vladimir Kramnik. However he has failed to win a game, starting the tournament with 6 straight draws. Nonetheless, it isn't for want of trying, as his round 6 game against Vassily Ivanchuk showed.

Kramnik,Vladimir (2810) - Ivanchuk,Vassily (2757) [E10]
FIDE Candidates London (6), 21.03.2013

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