Sunday 4 November 2012

Karpov wins tournament named for Karpov

It must be slightly unusual to play in a tournament named after yourself, but Anatoly Karpov went one better by actually winning a tournament that carried his name. It was the Cap D'Agde 'Le Trophee Anatoly Karpov' Rapid event,  and Karpov defeated Vasilly Ivanchuk in the final. It was an 8 player KO, with a mix of male and female players, with a healthy dose of leading French players.
The first 2 games of the final were split 1-1, and Karpov eventually won the tiebreak 4.5-3.5 with a win on time in the final game. Here is one of the games from earlier in the final.

Karpov,Anatoly (2616) - Ivanchuk,Vassily (2771) [D85]
Trophee Karpov KO 2012 Cap d'Agde FRA (2.4), 03.11.2012

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