Saturday 17 November 2012

2012 Vikings Weekender - Round 2

The top 3 seeds all won their second round games in the 2012 Vikings Weekender. IM Moulthun Ly and IM Vladimir Smirnov are both on 2/2, while IM George Xie is on 1.5, as a consequence of a half point bye in the first round. Local players Ian Rout, Wenlin Yin and Harry Press are also on 2 points, courtesy of second round wins.
The board 3 clash between Harry Press and Allen Setiabudi saw a bizarre finish, with Press having 2 queens, a rook and a knight, versus a queen and 2 pieces, but trying not to get mated. Press gave up one queen, and when Setiabudi moved his king to the wrong square, was able to safely win material, and the game.

Press,Harry - Setiabudi,Allen [A26]
2012 Vikings Weekender(2), 17.11.2012

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