Saturday 17 November 2012

2012 Vikings Weekender - Round 1

The shift to 2 sections for the Vikings Weekender has proved successful, with an increase in entries over last year. The other effect of the split was that the first round saw a number of upsets and semi-upsets in both tournaments. In the Open section, Anton Smirnov drew with Fred Litchfield, Micheal Wei with Victor Braguine, and Donato Mallari with Nick Beare, while Brian Butler beat Andrey Bliznyuk. Complicating the second round pairings were a number of players taking half point byes in the first round, so it may take a while before a clear favourite emerges.
However second seed IM Moulthun Ly did his bit to stay out in front, with a nice win over William Booth. Booth did not meet the Bc4 line in the Kings Gambit with the right amount of aggression, and after Nxf7, the attack crashed through.

Ly,Moulthun - Booth,William [C34]
2012 Vikings Weekender (1), 17.11.2012

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