Monday, 5 November 2012

Chess Programming Wiki

I've been out of Computer Chess Programming for quite a while, as other chess activities have taken a higher priority. As a result I've probably missed some recent developments in the field, which makes getting back into it a little difficult.
But a message from Chris Skulte concerning a game played by the Houdini chess program, resulted in me discovering the Chess Programming Wiki. While I've frequented computer chess bulletin boards in the past, using a wiki to cover various computer chess programming techniques seems to work a lot better (For one you don't get the posturing and flaming that goes on in most bulletin boards).
The board seems to cover the important topics pretty well, especially in the provision of example code for various programming ideas. As a programmer this is important, as often your best code is in fact someone else's code!
So if you are looking to write a chess program, or like me, resurrect a dormant project, the a visit to the Chess Programming Wiki should be high on the to-do list.

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