Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ultimate Chess Course

Anything that calls itself "Ultimate Chess Course" has some pretty big claims to live up to. So on one level it is brave of FM Roy Phillips to market his chess training course under this heading. But it does show he is confident in what he is trying to teach.
Roy, who is a friend of mine, has played board 1 for Mauritius at the last 6 Olympiads. In that time of watched him get better and better, and he scored an undefeated 7/10  at the 2010 Olympiad.
Despite the title of the course, the aims are quite modest. It isn't about making you the best player in the world, more about making you the best player you can be. It focuses on the things that hold the average player back, such as making mistakes, choosing the wrong openings, and not being able to settle upon the right move.
If you are interested in finding out more about the course, you can do so here. There is an introductory video you can watch (plus another you will receive) so you can get a feel for it, before diving in.

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