Saturday, 15 September 2012

Starring on debut

Playing a first Olympiad is hard, as the lack of meaningful teams chess in Australia often makes it a totally unfamiliar experience. So when Australia cam in with two debutantes, there was a chance that the team could struggle for a decent placing. It turned out this theory was wrong, as the two best performers for the Australian team were the two newcomers, Moulthun Ly and Max Illingworth.
Both Moulthun and Max scored 7/10, and Moulthun had the teams top PR of 2541. Max made his first Olympiad extra special, scoring his second (and final IM) norm. Moulthun was close to a GM norm (needing a last round win), but even in missing out, he helped the team draw the match with Slovakia.
As a result, Australia finished in a tie for 19th position, one of the best finishes for the team since the 1970's.

Ly,Moulthun (2397) - Bogdanovski,Vlatko (2448)
Olympiad 1:04.25-0:00.02 (6), 03.09.2012


Anonymous said...

Go Moulthun! You make us Chinese/Australians proud!

Anonymous said...

Moulthun is of Cambodian extraction, not Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking, the norm that Max got was the 3-rd and the 4-th, rather than the 2-d. He has one IM norm from 2 years ago, 1 GM norm from 1 year ago and another IM norm (that counts for 2) from the Olympiad. His GM norm can be used for both the IM title and the GM title.