Friday, 7 September 2012

Thinking more or thinking less

I'm currently sitting in the FIDE General Assembly, as the New Zealand delegate. A long discussion on the new FIDE Statutes is underway, and while this is a significant discussion, it gives me time to think about other things. Like my game from yesterday.
For tactical reasons the team decided I should play, requiring me to grab my PNG team shirt from the dirty clothes basket, and suit up. As in previous Olympiads, I had a clear advantage, ran short of time, possibly got scared of ghosts, and then had to scramble for the save. (NB I will put the game up when I escape from the meeting). After the game I thought that a similar position at my club would have been easier to play, as I would not have thought so long in critical positions. Normally when this happens I often find the 'correct' move, but for 'incorrect' reasons. It seems when I have more thinking time I do not make this 'mistake'!