Friday, 21 September 2012

Lifeline Bookfair

Of interest to Canberra readers, the Lifeline Bookfair is on this weekend. I dropped in first thing this morning (alongside fellow collector Miles Patterson), and managed to pick up a small but interesting set of chess books. Chess for Match Players by William Winter is a highly recommended addition to my library, while Practical Endgame Lessons by Edmar Mednis qualifies on weight alone. There was also The Guinness Book of Chess Grandmasters by Bill Hartston, but given the size of the print (quite small), I wonder how many copies were sold to the intended market.
The Bookfair is on at Exhibition Park in Canberra and runs for another two days. As in past years, they don't put out all the books at once, so their still may be some gems hidden among the Sudoku and Bridge books..

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