Thursday, 7 June 2012

Turner - Kings of North Canberra

The ACT Interschool Teams Championship kicked off today with the North Canberra-Gungahlin Primary School Zone Championships. The event saw Amaroo School host 41 teams, with around 170 students taking part.
The tournament was won by the Turner Red Volcanoes, who finished on 21.5/28, winning 6 of their matches, and drawing 1. Tied for second on 20/28 were the Emmaus Hermit Crabs, and Ainslie Gold. These teams, plus the next 6 to 8 teams, qualify for the final of the ACT Primary Schools Teams Championship which will be played in term 3.
Despite the size of the field (the largest ever hosted by Amaroo School), the event was the smoothest I have run in recent memory. The whole tournament was played in good spirits, and I did not have one serious dispute to deal with this year. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they were winning or losing, and given the number of tournament flyers collected at the end of the day, hopefully a new wave of enthusiastic junior players will be starting more substantial chess careers.

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