Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The therapeutic nature of blitz

I had a pretty grumpy day at work today, as I had a number of problems I was unable to solve, for various reasons. So I headed off to the chess club in a less than stellar mood. As one of our long time control tournaments had finished last week, it was an evening of blitz before the next tournament began next week. Normally blitz is a bit hit and miss with me, but tonight it was mainly hit. I ended up scoring 7/9, losing only to Kishore Sreetharan, who ran away with the tournament, scoring 9/9. Of course I had plenty of luck along the way, as the diagram will show. My opponent (who is free to name himself in the comments section btw), passed on Bxe6 and instead went for the 'positional' Rdd2. After Ra8+ Kh7 Nf8+ it suddenly dawned on him what had just happened.
So a combination of a good score and good karma, meant that my bad mood had faded away, and I went home feeling a lot better.

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Anonymous said...

Here’s my two cents without fritz: 1…Rdd2 2. Ra8+ Be8!? 3. Rxe8 Kf7 when 4.Rf8+ Ke7 leaves white with delectable discoveries but the f8 rooks hangs. Alternatively 4. Rc8 or something gives black the perpetual after Rxg2 etc. Maybe 3. Nf4!? Wins the bishop anyway and protects from perpetuals with g3 to bolster if Rf2.