Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Olympiad team lists

Despite the late start in accepting registrations, the 2012 Olympiad is now up to speed, with a total of 154 countries on the entry list. The deadline for registering teams is in the next few days, and at last count very few FIDE members remained un-registered.
If you are interested in seeing which countries are registered, as well as some team lists, then is the link to click. At this stage the list of team members is incomplete for most countries, as the deadline for registering players is a month away. Nonetheless there are a few teams in the Oceania region who have already put their teams up (eg PNG , Australia, Palau).
For me this will be the first time I will not be going to the Olympiad as player since I first represented PNG in 2000. I've been appointed as one of the members of the Technical Administration Panel, which handles the tournament pairings, and so have stood down from the PNG team.

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