Tuesday, 12 June 2012

NSW Open Day 3 - IM Andrew Brown Triumphant

The 2012 NSW Open has been won by IM Andrew Brown. Going in to the final day with a half point lead, he looked to be in trouble against GM Zong Yuan Zhao, but a careless move by Zhao allowed Brown to execute a stalemate trick and save half a point. He then defeated IM Stephen Solomon in the final round, in a tricking RvB and pawns ending, where Solomon is usually in his element. As a result Brown ended up on 6.5/7, half a point ahead of GM Zong Yuan Zhao and IM George Xie.
In the Under 1600, Canberra junior Tomson Qin fulfilled his pre tournament boast of 'winning $1000', by scoring 6/7 and taking outright first. He had a little luck along the way, with his 6th round opponent offering a draw despite being on the right side of Q+R v Q ending, due to worries about his time. He wrapped out outright first in the final round with a quick draw after his closest rivals also drew.
Full results from the tournament can be found at nswopen.nswca.org.au

Zhao,Zong-Yuan - Brown,Andrew
2012 NSW Open Parramatta. NSW (6.1), 11.06.2012


Jim said...

Well done Andrew. Super effort.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, congrats Andrew - is there anyway to download the games?