Monday, 21 May 2012

You look away for a moment ...

Clearly I managed to aggravate the internet gods. My family and I decided to play a few boardgames after dinner this evening, as opposed to heading our separate ways and play various games on the net. Clearly this displeased the internet, as my router decided to misbehave. Trying to a do a quick fix backfired as all I did was lose all my settings, resulting in a much longer fix. By the time I managed to dig up a backup file and set everything right, other things seemed to have occurred in the chess world.
It turns out I missed the entire Game 8 of the current World Championship Match. When I clicked on the tournament website, the museum documentary was already playing, and Anand - Gelfand 1-0 was staring out of the screen at me. Looks like Gelfand did what most of us do at some time or other, and thought that a bad idea is actually a good one. The problem with this is that a sufficiently motivated opponent doesn't agree with your assessment, and you get drastically punished. Not much else to say except that Anand would be feeling a whole lot better than he did yesterday.

Anand,Viswanathan (2799) - Gelfand,Boris (2739)
WCh 2012 Moscow (8), 21.05.2012

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