Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ambush marketing

While doing a little bit of research for the upcoming Anand v Gelfand World Championship Match, I discovered a little bit of 'ambush marketing' surrounding the event. Not remembering the address of the official website I simply type 'Anand Gelfand' into my search engine, and clicked on the very top link. This sent me to a website that seemed to cover the match, but yet, did not quite look right.
It seemed a little 'slapped together' and where the sponsors logos should have gone, were instead advertisements for brain training software. But the big give away was the 'buy this domain + site' link at the very bottom of the page. Not something you expect from the official website.
Obviously my suspicions were correct as a little more digging found the official website. It is and actually does look like a proper championship website. There are still 8 days to go before the Match begins btw, but when it does, you will know which website to visit!

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