Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Not one, but two escapes

This game is kind of a followup to the "Insulting my opponent?" post from a couple of months back.Tonight I played a game where I managed to blunder on move 11, and had to surrender my queen for a piece and a rook (and it could have been even worse than that). In fact I thought about resigning around that point, but after playing a few automatic moves I hit upon a plan. Remembering the classic Nehzmetdinov v Chernikov game, I went for the plan of Bd4 followed by Nh3-f2-g4 with Nh6# a threat. Fortunately for me my opponent (who isn't rated that far below me), also played a few automatic moves, which allowed my plan to get going. While I didn't get the mate I was looking for, I did manage to win back enough material to make it interesting. But just when I had done that I played another bad move ( 29.e5) and found 29 ... Qc6 quite dangerous. So much so I then had to make a second escape with 30.Bc4 which was just enough to reach a drawn position. By this stage I decided my luck was all used up and offered my opponent a draw a few moves later.

Press,Shaun - Sreetharan,Kishore [B06]
Murphy Memorial, 08.05.2012

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Anonymous said...

OMG, you played 11.b4??

That's nuts Shaun?