Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hack of the Month - March 2012

Normally this feature is titled "Miniature of the Month" but today's game seems more than that. Maybe it was the difference in rating, or maybe Turov has an intense dislike of the Dutch Defence, but his attempt at tearing it to bits started on move 3. But it turns out that 3.h4 isn't such an outlandish move, as White seems to score pretty well in most lines (>80% by the time they get to move 9). Once the Queen gets to h5 Black has a very difficult time in organising a defence. Possibly 10. ... Qe7 is Black's last hope, as after that it is all one way traffic.

Turov,Maxim (2658) - Sabirova,Olga (2172) [A85]
6th Georgy Agzamov Mem Tashkent UZB (1), 06.03.2012

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