Saturday, 21 April 2012

From e-book to print book

A couple of months back I reviewed "Exploration in Chess Beauty" by IM Andras Toth. At the time the book was only available in electronic format for the iPad (and related devices). Clearly the response to the book was positive, as the author fielded a number of requests from non-iPad users to make the book available in alternative formats.
I'm pleased to say (as a collector), that the book is now available in the traditional print format (not that I minded the electronic version). While it loses the interactivity of the iPad version (you have to avoid glancing at solutions), it does allow you to flick through the book in a more familiar manner. Otherwise the differences between the two versions are so minimal, that it simply comes down to a matter of taste.
If you wish to purchase a copy of the book, the current price is $30$33 and you can order a copy by sending an email to

(Note: My review copy was supplied to me by the author)

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Hi Shaun,

Is the ANU Open on again for 2012? The ACF calander has dates for 28-29 July but nothing is yet on the ANU Chess Club website.