Saturday, 14 April 2012

2012 Sydney International - Day 4

GM Levente Vajda and GM Attila Czebe share the lead going into the final day of the 2012 Sydney International Open. Vajda protected his tournament lead by drawing both his games today, while Czebe defeated Doeberl Cup winner GM Adam Horvath in round 7, before playing a hard fought draw against Stephen Solomon in round 8. As the two leaders have played each other already, the final standings will depend on a couple of different games. On the top board Vajda has black against IM Stephen Solomon, while on board 2 GM Deep Sengupta is playing Czebe. Australian FM Bobby Cheng also has a chance of taking a share of first, if he can defeat GM Gergely Szabo, and other results go his way. However Szabo is on the same score as Cheng so he is also motivated to win. The game to watch is GM Horvath playing FM Gene Nakauchi. Nakauchi's 8th round win over means he can earn an IM norm with a win tomorrow. Of course the result had the unfortunate side effect of ending Ikeda's norm chances. Play begins tomorrow at 10 am, with live coverage of the top 8 boards available from the tournament website.

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