Sunday, 22 April 2012

Aronian wins first game

Lev Aronian scored a win in his opening game against Vladimir Kramnik, after it appears Kramnik's opening perpetration went wrong. Repeating  a game from the European Women's Championship, Kramnik was wrong footed after Aronian found an improvement, and spent the rest of the game trying to hold the draw. However once Aronian had Kramnik's king trapped on the back of the board, the threats began to build up, and eventually Kramnik was not able to defend against them all.
The second game is being played this evening (a Ruy Lopez Berlin) with the first rest day tomorrow night. You can follow the games at the tournament website

Kramnik,Vladimir (2801) - Aronian,Levon (2820) [D43]
Zurich Chess Challenge Zuerich SUI (1), 21.04.2012

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