Wednesday, 13 July 2011

World Championship in Chennai?

A quick follow up to my recent post on the venue for next years World Championship Match. A number of news stories from the Indian media are announcing that next years World Championship match will be held in Chennai. It appears that the cost will be picked up by the government of Tamil Nadu.
Now the odd thing about this is that the deadline for bids the 31st July 2011, and that there is also a bid on the table from Moscow. What I suspect has happened is that there has been an agreement between FIDE and Chennai to submit a bid, but someone has jumped the gun at the Indian end and assumed it is an agreement to hold the event. Certainly the fact that the news reports I've seen all seem to come from the same source supports this theory.

Update: The Times of India are reporting this story as a 'bid for the World Championship' which is closer to the truth.

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Anonymous said...

It stumps me a bit that the WC match will be a full year after the completion of the candidates process. A year is a long time in top-flight chess. And since it isn't Anand-Carlsen, the interest in it mightn't be huge anyway.