Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Is everyone on holidays?

I'm sensing a shortage of chess news right at the moment. The big summer events from Europe have yet to start, and not much else seems to be happening in this part of the world. That is of course if you ignore Trevor Tao's win in the Checkmate Open which was played in Adelaide over the last weekend. Tao, who rarely plays tournament chess, beat GM Zong Yaun Zhao and drew with GM Darryl Johansen on his way to outright first.
This Sunday (17 July) also sees the playoff for the Women's Zonal Title, between IM Irina Berezina-Feldman and WIM Emma Guo. It will be held at the Parramatta RSL Club in Parramatta, Sydney, and begins at 11am. Spectators to this event are welcome.

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Trying to stay cool !!!