Monday, 18 July 2011

Running dead

Years ago I fell into the trap of watching the Fox News Channel on satellite TV. I tried to look at it as an enormous practical joke played on the Americans by Rupert Murdoch, a sort of 'America's stupidest television hosts' that was being shown to the rest of the world.
But even this rationalisation was not enough to keep me watching, and I soon drifted away to real news like "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report".
These days I usually follow Fox News in a second hand way, but occasionally I do have a look to see what they are, and are not reporting. And it appears that one thing they aren't reporting so much is the 'phone hacking' scandal that is causing problems for its parent company, News. Sure it gets a brief mention, but usually in the context of 'not much to see here'.
However they at least seem to be doing better than Chessbase, and its coverage of the Rybka/Fruit story. While almost every other blog has either mentioned the story, or had an opinion one way or the other, Chessbase have said nary a word on the issue. Certainly there website has been silent on the matter up until this point, despite having plenty of opportunity to address the story. Of course the Chessbase company sell Rybka on their website, and for now, they still offer it for sale.

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