Friday, 8 July 2011


There is a new blog covering the adventures of a number of young Australian players currently touring the world. It is imaginatively titled, the name being an anagram of the names of the players involved.*
I had hoped it would show Junta Ikeda's win of GM Garcia in the recently completed World Open, but as it does not (and the World Open website does not have the game either), I've found a draw between GM Sergey Kudrin and FM Moulthun Ly.

GM Sergey Kudrin v FM Moulthun Ly
World Open, Philadelphia, 4.7.2011

(*Ho, ho guys, we know what it really stands for!)


Junta said...

Hi Shaun, I'll write up some posts on the two Philadelphia tournaments while I'm in Amsterdam, on figjam

Anonymous said...

It is an acronym of their names, not an anagram.

Anonymous said...

No, it stands for F*** I'm Good Just Ask Me!


figjam said...

No, it really is an acronym (not anagram as I incorrectly posted on Chesschat!) of our names - the other connection is just an amusing coincidence - we thought it was more funny than FM'S jam...

Perpie (the P in figjam)

Anonymous said...

It was nickname Nathan Buckley's (AFL footballer) teammates gave to him (and which he was appalled to learn of) early in his career. Apparently he wasn't short of self-esteem.