Thursday, 17 March 2011

What's your tribe?

While we like to think that we all belong to one big community of chessplayers, like any community, there are a number of smaller tribes that we 'really' belong to. For example, I like to think I belong the tribe of 'club players', in that I play once a week at my local club, and have done so for pretty much my entire chess career.
While thinking about this topic I began to wonder about other tribes. A brief (but no means exhaustive list) I came up with includes
  • 'Too busy to play' tribe - Studies chess, subscribes to magazines, keeps up with latest news, even comes to all the tournaments, but never has the time to actually play!
  • 'I have no life other than chess' tribe - Plays every event going, including club events, weekend events, simuls etc
  • 'Where do we drink' tribe - Normally ex-juniors players now in their 20's. Only play events with a well stocked bar and plenty of mates.
I'm sure there are plenty I've missed so feel free to suggest some more in the comments section


HeinzK said...

What about the 'blogger tribe'?

Paul said...

My tribe are the Scots-Irish...:-)

Anonymous said...

What about the the tribe that plays off-beat or theoretically doubtful openings? :) -Peter

Garvin said...

How about the, I rant about chess administration on interrant forums and I know all the answers, but I do not involve myself in chess administration, or even play anymore- tribe.