Sunday, 6 March 2011

2011 ACT Championship - Day 2

The second day of the 2011 ACT Championship saw the top seeds begin to meet. In round 3 pre-tournament favourites Junta Ikeda and Andrew Brown both scored wins, although Ikeda walked the time trouble tight-rope for the second half of his game, but amazingly managed to win on time in an even position. Allen Setiabudi and Daniel Abrahams kept pace with the leaders after drawing their game, while defending champion Andrey Bliznyuk amoved to 2.5/3 after beating Alana Chibnall.
Round 4 saw Brown and Ikeda play on the top board, with Abrahams and Bliznyuk playing on board 2. Ikeda employed his usual 'slow build up' strategy, organising his pieces before opening up the position. When the pawn break came, Brown found his king in the firing line, and after missing a key defensive idea in time trouble, resigned when faced with mate. Abrahams and Bliznyuk drew their game, allowing Allen Setiabudi to move into outright second after surviving an interesting attack from Willis Lo.
The tournament continues next weekend, when the final 5 rounds will be played.
Results and games are available at the ANU Chess Club website (click on Current Tournaments and Games links).

Brown,Andrew - Ikeda,Junta [E15]
2011 ACT Championship (4.1), 06.03.2011

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 b6 4.g3 Ba6 5.Qc2 Bb7 6.Bg2 Bb4+ 7.Nbd2 Be4 8.Qd1 0-0 9.0-0 Bxd2 10.Qxd2 d6 11.b3 Nbd7 12.Bb2 Qe7 13.Qf4 Rfe8 14.Rac1 a5 15.a3 Nf8 16.h4 Ng6 17.Qg5 h6 18.Qe3 Bb7 19.Nd2 Bxg2 20.Kxg2 Qd7 21.Qc3 Rad8 22.e4 e5 23.f3 Nh5 24.Rh1 f5 25.d5 Rf8 26.Rce1 Rf7 (D) 27.exf5 Qxf5 28.Re3 Rdf8 29.g4 Ngf4+ 30.Kf2 Qg6 31.Ne4 Nf6 32.Nxf6+ Rxf6 33.h5 Qf7 34.Rh2 e4 35.Rxe4 Nxd5 36.Qd4 Rxf3+ 37.Ke2 Nf6 38.Kxf3 Nxe4+ 39.Ke2 Qf1+ 0-1

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