Friday, 25 March 2011

Lifeline Bookfair

That great Canberra tradition, the Lifeline Bookfair, kicked off again today. Normally I am an early arriver, trying to get there before the doors open (although I am not one of the 6am queuers). However a recent shift of a weekly work meeting to Friday morning meant I had to wait until lunchtime to see what second hand books were to be had. Of course my concern was that all the chess books would be gone before I arrived, but I'm pleased to say this wasn't the case. In fact there was quite a large selection of books, although a selection that contained a high percentage of books I already have copies of. That didn't stop me picking up about 9 new titles, including a signed copy of Edmar Mednis's "King Power in Chess" for $4. I even picked up a trio of books on Go, which was also well represented this year.
As I will be busy as an arbiter at the ACT Junior Autumn Weekender for the next 2 days, this was my only trip to the bookfair. So if anyone else wants to grab some chess books (or Go books), I've left plenty behind for you to choose from!

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