Thursday, 10 March 2011

It has been pretty quiet lately

After all the big chess events towards the end of last year and into the start of this one, the last month has seen very little activity on this front. Of course it is nice to let the worlds top 10 have a break every now and then (they aren't performing seals after all), but it is just as nice to see them in action once again.
The 20th and final Amber Chess Tournament starts on Saturday with it's usual impressive line up of players. This mixed Blindfold/Rapid event has a prize fund of 227,000 euros, which is pretty impressive chunk of change in almost any currency. Last year saw Carlsen and Ivanchuk tie for first, and both a returning to defend their shared title. Ivanchuk, the only player to play in all 20 Amber tournaments, has another motivation for being the final winner, in that he also won the first event (a rapid only), in 1992!

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