Friday, 19 March 2010

World Championship website found

Over the past week I've been searching for information on the 2010 Anand v Topalov match. Partly for blogging purposes, but also because at least one member of my local chess club will actually be in Sofia during the first week of the championship (on business he claims!).
Thinking that the official site would be the best place to start, I was surprised to find there was no official site. That was until earlier today when the 2010 World Chess Championship site went live.
Curiously it is called (and even more curiously, it isn't called While this may be an easy to find name for those inside the chess world, it may not make a lot of sense to the non chess fans looking to find out what is going on ("You mean that Kasparov guy isn't world champion anymore?")
But it does have all the usual goodies that chess websites have, including playing schedule, live games, and lots of pictures. However the one thing I couldn't find was the reason I searched for it in the first place. Ticketing information.

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