Wednesday, 17 March 2010

To Gmizic your queen

Occasionally a player will lose enough games in the same way as to get their name attached to the losing method. In Canberra chess circles Peter Gmizic manged to do this in the late 80's through a couple of quick losses. The characteristic feature of these losses was an early queen move to f6 where it got hit with Bg5 and eventually trapped. After it happened a couple of times the expression "To Gmizic your queen" was born.
Here is a more up to date example, with the name of the loser redacted (because I'm a nice guy). All the features are there, the queen on f6, the bishop coming to g5, but in this case Black could save the queen at the cost of material and the position. However he chose not to, resigning instead.

Press,Shaun - XXX [B11]
ANU Summer Swiss, 17.03.2010

1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Qf3 d4 4.Bc4 e6 5.Nce2 Bc5 6.d3 Qf6 7.Qg3 Bb6 (D)
8.Bg5 1-0

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