Monday, 8 March 2010

2010 ACT Championships - Bliznyuk wins!

The 2010 ACT Championships came to a dramatic conclusion today when Junta Ikeda, who had lead the tournament from the start, stumbled in the final round and lost to Allen Setiabudi. This meant that Andrey Bliznyuk, who had trailed by half a point going into round 9, finished in front of Ikeda after defeating Adrian De Noskowski.
Bliznyuk was the only player not to lose a game, and finished with 3/3 over the last 3 rounds. Third place was shared by Allen Setiabudi, Yi Yuan, Mos Ali and Pete Morriss.
The diagram shows the moment that decided the championship. Ikeda had just played 57 ... Qb5-c5 and Setiabudi pounced with 58.Qg5+ After 58 . ... Qxg5 59.fxg5+ Ikeda had the choice of 59 . ... Kxg5 which loses to 60.Kg3 or 59 . ... Kg6 (which he played) hoping for 60.Kg3?? which draws after 60. Kxg5. However Setiabudi was awake to any tricks and followed up with 60.Kh3 and won in a few more moves.
Full crosstable and games from the event are available here.

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