Friday, 12 March 2010

Melody Amber 2010

One of the chess calendars more interesting events begins tomorrow in Nice. The 2010 Melody Amber tournament brings together 12 of the worlds top players in a combination rapid/blindfold event. While the tournament is half serious/ half vacation for the participants, I suspect there is still a a certain kudos in winning the event, especially the blindfold half. Given there is no official 'Blindfold World Championship' this is the closest thing to it.
The field is headed by Carlsen, Kramnik and Aronian. Missing from this years event are Anand and Topalov, who are preparing for their upcoming World Championship Match. Live coverage starts at 14:30 Nice time, which I am guessing is currently 1:30 in the morning Canberra time. However there are 4 playing sessions a day, and the later sessions should still be running as the sun comes up.

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