Thursday, 10 September 2009

Vaughan retains "World Championship" Title

The big "World Championship" match that I previously reported on has ended before it had even started. Current title holder Stan Vaughan has retained the title by default after challenger Varuzhan Akobian was unable to take part in the match due to contractual arrangements with FIDE. (Interestingly Akobian's own website makes no mention of the match, or his withdrawal from it)
Personally I think this is a real shame, as the chess world might have enjoyed a world championship match to rival Lasker v Marshall or Lasker v Janowski. And I am sure that there are still plenty of potential challengers who aren't contracted to FIDE who would be willing to play for $6M. Jose Escribano (who narrowly missed on on qualifying for the FIDE World Championship several years ago) is one player who springs to mind.


Anonymous said...

Wow , there are some nutty people out there. Vaughan is not a World Champion, how nutty can you be ?

Fischer had a disputed claim on the World Title before his death.

The only other world title that can be claimed now after Fischer death, is Deep Blue.

Now Deep Blue coming out and playing Word Title Matches would be cool.

Anonymous said...

Vaughan is no chess champion...