Friday, 11 September 2009

Australian Simul Records

As part of a charity event for Banardos Australia, there is a 'sleeping rough' event being held at Albert Hall in Canberra. One of the participants is GM David Smerdon, and as part of activities, David is planning to give a simul for the participants. But given that they will be there all night, he is planning to give one long continuous simul, until he runs out of energy, or opponents.
While I was dropping off the equipment for the simul, he asked me whether I knew the Australian record for most games played in a single sitting. I confessed I had no idea. He told me that IM Robert Jamieson played a 125 board simul a number of years back, but that was single simul.
So does anyone know what the record is? Certainly David is aiming for more than 125 games, and when I get back from playing chess in Blayney this weekend, I'll post the final total here.

**Follow Up ** David played 156 games over 5 and half hours. He won the first 155 and drew the last one! In the absence of any rival claims this can now be considered the Australian record for this style of event. Further info at

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