Monday, 28 September 2009

Solomons Islands International - Day 5

The final two rounds of the 2009 Solomon Island International were played today, and I managed to hang on to my lead to win the tournament on 7.5/9. It was a close run as I managed to play a dodgy opening against Kerry Stead and was worse for most of the game. However I managed to generate some counterplay and was even material ahead when we agreed to a draw. The in the final round I played the top Solomon Islands player Fernando Aguilar, and another draw was enough for outright first.
Brian Jones finished on 7/9 to take second, while Lee Jones, Kerry Stead and Fernando Aguilar all scored 6/9. They were followd by Brandon Tangaibasa on 5/9, Scarden Tesua 2.5, Price Tepuke and Takika Tuata on 2, with Budds Maruia on 1.
The good news is that all the Solomon players will get FIDE ratings from this event (which was tha main aim of the tournament), with Brandon and Fernando likely to be rated above 1900 on the next list.


The Chess Connoisseur said...

Congratulations, Shaun!

Paul said...

Good result friend !

Phil Bourke said...

Well done.

The Chess Connoisseur said...

As intended here is the link to my posting about the Solomon Islands International chess championship.