Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Australian Championships

For the third year in succession the Australian Chess Federations premier event for the year will be held in Sydney. The 2010 Australian Championship will be held at the North Sydney Leagues Club.
Details for the Australian Championships are now available from the tournament website. Already a number of top Australian players have entered, including GM Zong Yuan Zhao, GM David Smerdon and GM David Smerdon GM Daryl Johansen.
In other ACF news, Ian Rout has taken over as editor of the ACF (email) Newsletter. The first issue cam out today and contains both a comprehensive coverage of recent Australian events, and a rather interesting Letters section. You can subscribe to the newsletter from the ACF Home Page.

(**Edit: The organisers have announced that GM David Smerdon will not be playing in the championship. Fellow blogger TheClosetGrandmaster is trying to get an explanation from them over this **)
(**Second Edit: All the names listed above (and crossed out) have now been removed from the players page on the tournament website **)

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Anonymous said...

David's entered twice - I wish him double the luck!