Thursday 8 January 2009

The King is Dead!

Not to be outdone by yesterdays dramas at the Australian Open, the Australian Junior Championship had some excitement of their own. When the organising team arrived for the days play there were a couple of things amiss. Firstly, board numbers and names tags had been randomly re-arranged in the hall, but more significantly, all the kings had been stolen from the sets. This forced the organising team to track down over 100 replacement kings from the venue, and from further a field to get the round started. Suffice to say the organisers weren't very happy, especially as the missing equipment has yet to be found.
This is likely to have been a prank gone wrong, especially as the Australian Junior has had similar incidents in the past (such as the 'Bishop Biting' incident), but if it was a prank it wasn't well thought out, or even funny.
However it is worth noting that today also happens to be the anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley, so it may not be so much of a prank, as a tribute.


Anonymous said...

Police involvement makes this quite serious for the perpetrator, prank or no prank.

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty funny to me.

Anonymous said...

The Kings have left the building!

Anonymous said...

"Police involvement makes this quite serious for the perpetrator, prank or no prank."

Scott, buy a sense of humour. It was hilarious!

Garvin said...

To those who think it is amusing, I am sure the SACA bank account is really finding it amusing.