Sunday 4 January 2009

A day at the cricket

I spent the day watching the third test between Australia and South Africa. The Australian batting was enjoyable, although the bowling attack once again leaves a lot to be desired. In terms of other excitment, there was only one streaker, and they weren't very good at it, as they seemed to get less than a metre onto the ground before being pounced upon by security.
I dropped inot the Australian Open this evening and took some pictures. I hope to get a few more from the start of tommorows round, and will try and post them later.
And speaking of cricket, at Dresden I bumped into Peter Svidler, Russian Olympiad player and well known cricket fan. Attempting to make small talk I asked him about the 2nd Australia v New Zealand Test that was in progress at the time (and had reached stumps on day 3). Like a true chessplayer he simply replied "This position, it is totally unclear"

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