Saturday 3 January 2009

Australian Junior Championship starts as well

Also starting yesterday was the 2009 Australian Junior Championship. Normally when the Junior and Senior Championship/Open events are on at the same time, they are also held in the same city. In this case however the Juniors are being held in Adelaide (with the Open in Sydney). Normally the juniors would be held later in the month of January but they (a) wanted to avoid a clash with Queenstown and (b) as there was no bidders for the Australian Open until the middle of last year, had taken dates which at the time were free.
The event has attracted a Bradmanesque 99 players across the 4 events, with 45 in the Under 18 Open, 15 in the Under 18 Girls, 29 in the Under 12 Boys and 10 in the Under 10 Girls. So far 2 rounds have been played, and full results plus some games and bulletins can be found at the above link.

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