Tuesday 6 January 2009

A New Years Blog Roll

By most standards, my blog roll (the links to other blogs from this one) is pretty small. In fact it is only 3 names long. After almost 2 years of blogging, it is probably time to add some extra links. But rather than just me choosing, I'm inviting suggestions from you, as this blog is as much a resource for you, as it is a project of mine.
So if you are a regular reader of another chess blog, and you think others would enjoy reading it as well, make a suggestion in the comments section. The only restrictions I would place on suggestions are (a) it should be a blog (and not a bulletin board etc), (b) it deals with chess and (c) it is updated regularly (at least once a day is good, but I may consider 4 or 5 times a week acceptable). Oh, and the usual guidelines concerning anonymous posts hold. (ie If you want me to take notice of your suggestion, put a name to your post, even if it is something as simple as 'Steve')

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Actually Shaun,

I recently had the same issue when I got the new OzChess skin and needed Chess Links for the lefthand column.

For Australian Chess Blogs, only 3 made the cut. Your's, Closet GM, and Australian Chess News (run by a Victorian Junior).

The Blogs run by Michael Baron and Trent Parker hadn't had much activity the last time I checked, so as far as blogs dealing with Australian chess content - These seem to be the only 3 that are updated regularly.

Best Regards,

Alex Toolsie